About the Project

Project title: Design and studies for railway section Doboj – Rasputnica Miljacka, Federation of BiH and Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beneficiary country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project funding: EU IPA

Contracting Authority: Delegation of European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Project Beneficiaries are: PE Railways of FBiH, PE Railways of RS and BiH Railways Public Corporation

Project timing: February 2020 – February 2022

Beneficiaries’ Coordinator: Ministry of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contractor: EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria S.L. in Consortium with Ardanuy and IPSA Institut

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part, is acceleration of activities on implementation of the functional Corridor Ve on the SEETO Comprehensive Network.

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The purpose of the project is to provide technical and tender documentation for overhaul and upgrade of railway sections Maglaj – Jelina and Zenica – Podlugovi, and to provide review and improvement of existing technical and tender documentation  for overhaul and upgrade of railways sections Doboj – Maglaj and Podlugovi – Rasputnica Miljacka.

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Results to be achieved by the Contractor

Provision  of:

(i) Preliminary Design,
(ii) Main Design,
(iii) Related studies and
(iv) Works tender dossier

for subsections on the whole railway section Doboj – Rasputnica Miljacka.

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